Disaster Cleanup on a Wood Lot

There are the normal every day chores of keeping up your property, and then there are the disasters which strike and require their own special brand of work. On July 8th my uncle’s little homestead in Pennsylvania was hit by an EF1 tornado. There were no injuries or deaths, but the tornado traveled 1.4 miles… Read More

Big Baseball Dreams Begin with DR!

Baseball fans will surely remember the 1989 classic movie ‘Field of Dreams’ starring Kevin Costner. Well, now that field is being expertly maintained by a DR Power Grader! Only the best for America’s favorite pastime. The Iowa baseball field is still maintained by then-owner Don Lansing, who keeps it in top condition for the more than… Read More

The Amazing DR Trimmer Mower

I enjoy doing product reviews on excellent products. Nothing pleases me more than to use a good, well-made tool, one that performs exactly as advertised. And so when I find a tool or device that meets these criteria, I pass on what I have learned to my readers. Anyone who watches television or reads magazines… Read More