Newly Designed DR Power Graders

DR NEW Power Grader 60" PRO Model with Powered Remote in actionWe’re excited to start the new year off with the much anticipated release of our newly designed Power Graders! The purpose of the Power Grader has always been to take a thankless, repetitive maintenance job and make it as simple as possible. The new DR Power Graders do that even better.

Models with Powered Remote

At just a glance, you’ll notice several things that have changed. Most obviously, there is no longer a wireless remote, but a Powered Remote with a rocker switch. The operator is able to adjust the height of the scarifying teeth from the tow vehicle without getting off.  As a result you have more control and consistency and you no longer have to worry about losing the remote or replacing batteries.

Compact Power Graders

The unit itself is more compact, making storage much easier. With higher side walls, the unit pulls and distributes more material with ease. The pitch is adjustable, both up and down. This gives you more options while creating an aggressive and accurate grader. Use two standard size cinderblocks, centrally positioned, to add extra weight for those tougher projects.

Push-Button Adjustment of Grading DepthNew DR Power Graders - 48" PRO Model with Powered Remote

You’ll notice a black, rectangular box down the center of the unit. This enclosure houses the Powered Actuator and the Rechargeable Battery. This greatly reduces road debris collecting into these important parts. Remove the protective cover with your fingers. No tools required! You can easily remove the battery for storage or to charge it inside with the included trickle charger. With such easy access, maintenance is a breeze.

The powerful actuator provides a 4” stroke, raising the teeth from 4.5” above the ground to 9/16” below the ground. With that range you can grade just about anything, from a badly washed out parking lot to a baseball diamond.

The best thing about our new Power Grader is we were able to design a more cost effective machine and pass the savings on to our customers. DR Power, giving you a better, stronger machine at a great price!

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  • Irvin Baker

    I bought the 60″ model 7 years ago. I have a 900′ chert driveway that gets washed out and rutted regularly. When I bought the grader, I also bought an extra scarifying blade. Turns out, I didn’t really need to. I haven’t even put a dent in those carbide teeth after 7 years of heavy use in rocky ground.

  • Evan Jones

    Is the power grader able to put the crown back in a dirt road ? If not, has anyone added skid shoes on one side to help with this ? Seems like a couple of adjustable shoes on either side would be a great addition. Maybe adding a cinder block on just one side would help as well ???

  • rangerider_45

    I live in Idaho and have barnyards, parking areas and a lane that needs maintenance twice annually. In addition, I have used it to level corrals, paddocks, and livestock runways, etc. My Power grader gets a lot of use annually. My point is, with the 48″ DR Power Grader I have saved a lot of money and time in the last ten years. The 48″ DR Power Grader is capable of doing smaller jobs in tight areas that larger equipment can’t operate in. For the first time this spring I was finally forced to perform maintenance on the Power Grader. And that was only because I never once oiled, greased or performed preventive maintenance on the grader…