Maintenance How-To: DR Field and Brush Mower

DR Field and Brush Mower maintenance is easy!  DR has made maintenance simple with these helpful how-to videos.  And if you’re in need of supplies, our Maintenance Kits have everything you need, all in one convenient package.  Have another maintenance question?  Ask it in the comments section!

Change your oil.

Replace your air filter.

Replace your spark plugs.

Adjust the lock-in/lock-out.

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  • Al Ursich

    Replacing the blades on a 48 inch Mower Deck. What is the Torque setting for the blades?

    • Paul Del

      If you are using the DR Field and Brush mower the torque value is 30-40 ft lbs. However I don’t know of any DR FBM’s that have 48″ decks so you may be in the incorrect forum.

  • Gregg

    I have a 13 hp DR and today it decided not to shut off. Turn the key off and nothing happens. Problem in the wiring? the switch? Where do I find a wiring diagram?

  • Gary

    I have a DR Field and Brush Mower 15hp that only has less than 10 hours run time since I bought it new almost 20 yrs ago. The oil has never been changed, so I need to know about how much oil is needed for this size engine? Thanks.

  • tom

    I want to know on my intek 13,o hp 344cc engine it has electric key start., if the starting system got wet in a pond where do I look for problem won’t start but battery is hot??

  • john

    wheel clutch lever does not work on a regular basis, wheels most of the time are engaged. is there a diagram that shows where the cable end is?

    • DRPowerGrace

      Hi John! Where your cable ends will depend on the particular model of brush mower that you have. First, look in your owner’s manual for the transmission belt replacement section. There should be an image of the under side of your power unit and you’ll be able to see where the end of the wheel clutch cable is. If you need any more help, give our tech support department a call at 1-800-687-6575, they’re very friendly and helpful!

  • Brant Bruno

    I need to replace the electric starter on my 2005 13HP OHV Field and Brush mower. I want to make sure that I get the correct part and can’t find it in the manual. Can someone please help with figuring out the part number for this? Thanks!

    • Brant Bruno

      I think I found it online by searching the Briggs & Stratton motor (21A977). It looks like the part number for the electric starter is Briggs and Stratton: 795121

    • DRPowerGrace

      Hi Brant — If the above specs on your mower are correct, the starter you’re looking for will be DR part number 183141. We recommend calling our tech department at 1-800-687-6575 just to make sure, though.

  • cough drop

    Need info on rebuilding clutch for DR brush mower

    • DRPowerGrace

      Hi cough drop — Give our tech department a call at 1-800-687-6575 and they’ll be happy to help you out.

  • Eric Moerman

    Hey, Guys – – Maintenance videos really help. How about walking us owners through both a blade and drive belt replacement. I replaced both belts and my DR mower (ATM 31028) just doesn’t have the cutting/drive power it had before. Thanks.

    • Graysailor

      I’m with Eric – don’t forget some of your earlier customers who got you where you are now. I have a DR Mower ATM 39699. I just completed an almost total take down overhaul – cleaned, tuned, belts replaced, filters, new hoses, sparkplug, blade sharpened. But it backfires – can I buy a service manual? Those of us who live in the boondocks need to be able to service these ourselves. I am looking at a chipper next and have decided if I can’t get a service manual for equipment – then that equipment is off my list.

    • DRPowerGrace

      Hi Graysailor — While we do not have service manuals per se, our owner’s manuals include significantly more information than many other companies’. We can e-mail you one for your machine free of charge, or ship you a paper replacement copy for a small fee (around $10 including shipping). Regarding your Field and Brush Mower backfiring, we recommend you call our tech department at 1-800-687-6575. They can help you figure out exactly what the problem is and walk you through a fix.

  • Nick V

    Morning. I have a 12 HP DR field & brush mower. Its has worked great. I have cut down
    10 ‘s of acres of overgrown. I was cutting this past weekend. Ishit it down and re-filled the
    gas tank. When back to cutting andwhen I engaged the cutting deck the unit started to vibrate
    like the blades were hitting. I looked underneath and all looked fine, but it continues to do it.
    What could be the problem ?

    • DRPowerGrace

      Hi Nick! The best way to diagnose what is causing the vibration is to eliminate possibilities of what could be causing it until you narrow it down to the culprit component. If the excessive vibration only occurs when the blade is engaged, you know that the cause of your issue is somewhere within the blade drive assembly. This assembly consists of a clutch, belt, pulley, spindle shaft with bearings, and blade. Depending on your specific model, the order of these components may vary.

      If your machine is the newest Pro model with the 12.5HP Briggs & Stratton engine, I would start by taking the blade belt off, then start up the power unit and engage the blade. If it still vibrates, you know it would be an issue with the clutch as that is the only component of the blade drive assembly in use.

      If your machine does not vibrate without the belt on, you can eliminate the clutch as a potential cause, put the belt back on, and move to the brush deck. From here I would remove the blade, then start the machine and engage the blade control. If it is still vibrating without the blade on, this could mean the spindle is bent, one of the bearings has become defective, or the pulley is loose or damaged. If you watch the pulley, you should be able to tell if it is wobbling or if the belt not riding centered. If the pulley seems ok and the spindle shaft does not seem to be bent, the cause is most likely a warn out bearing.

      If the machine does not vibrate without the blade attached, either your blade is damaged or the blade nut was not torqued down enough. The proper torque spec for this nut is 100fpt.

      If you need further assistance with diagnosing the cause of an issue with your machine, please contact our technical support department toll free at 1-(888)-550-0062. We’re here to help!

  • Jay

    installed a new V-belt, but the belt is quite loose now and I have very little tension from the pulley. When I engage it, the belt barely turns and does not engage the blade. Did I omit a step during the install?

    • DRPowerGrace

      Hi Jay! What model do you have? And which belt did you install? It’s hard to say exactly what the problem is without knowing your specifics. If you give our tech department a call at 1-800-687-6575 they can walk you through a fix. Good luck!

  • Jim

    Any tips on replacing the V belt pulley. What hand are the threads?

    • DRPowerGrace

      Hi Jim — You’ll need a 1″ wrench to replace the belt pulley. Here are the steps:

      1. Unscrew the hand knob and remove the belt guard.

      2. Release the belt tensioner lever and remove the belt from the pulley.

      3. Support the blade with a block as you remove the locknut using a 1″ wrench. (Meaning, block the blade with a block of wood to keep it from spinning).

      4. Remove the damaged pulley and replace with new pulley.

      5. Secure the pulley with the locknut.

      6. Install the belt and reset the tension by engaging the belt tensioning lever.

      7. Replace the belt guard and hand knob.

      Give our Tech department a call if you have any more trouble, we’re here to help!

  • Shawn Austin

    My husband is trying to replace the tires on our brush hog. He absolutely cannot remove one of the wheels. Can anyone recomend any tips for getting the wheel off? Is there some trick to it that we are not aware of? HELP he is frustrated!