DR Chipper & Chipper/Shredder FAQ

What have you always wondered about the DR Chippers and Chipper/Shredders?  Whether you’re still shopping around for a chipper or already own a DR, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about these fantastic machines, answered by product manager Craig “Craig-o-pedia” Wolosinski.

• What actually comes in the box with each machine?

• Is it easy to change the chipping knifeHow long do they last?

• Is it easy to start in my shed on a cold day?

• Can I put cardboard and paper in the Chipper?  Can I put it in the Chipper/Shredder?

• What condition are reconditioned chippers in?  Are they like new?

• How does the Chipper handle side branches?  Do they need to be trimmed off?

• Does it chip sappy branches?

• Can I chip or shred wet wood?  Can I chip in the rain?

• Can I put pinecones in the shredder?

• Can you replace the hammers on the Chipper/Shredder?  Is it easy?  How long do they last?

• What kind of assembly is required?  Do the machines come fully assembled?

• Is there a way to make the Chipper/Shredders discharge out the top and into a truck bed the way the Chippers do?

• What kind of tractor do I need to have to use the PTO Chipper or Chipper/Shredder?

• In the Chipper/Shredder, does chipped material come out looking different from shredded material?  What does each look like?

Have another question about DR Chippers and Chipper/Shredders? Ask it in the comments section!


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  • Phil

    Despite recent complete servicing of chipper, engine will run for only 3-5 minutes before cutting out. Any suggestions?

  • Norm Hernandez

    Can i shred large quantities of vegetable waste without the machine plugging?

  • Stephen A. Tramill

    Can I rinse out the chipper/shredder after use especially after garden material?

    • DRPowerGrace

      Hi Stephen! Yes, you can definitely rinse out a chipper/shredder after use. We recommend that you leave it somewhere where it can dry easily afterwords to avoid rust. Also, be careful around the engine and make sure the gas cap, oil cover, and air filter covers are on tightly. Happy shredding!