Clearing Invasive Species with the DR Chipper

Honeysuckle is one of thousands of types of invasive and nuisance tree species in the US.  It spreads like wildfire and can take over a property — robbing you of your beautiful landscape — in just a short time.  Whatever invasive tree species you are dealing with, a DR Chipper is one of the best ways to not only get rid of it, but stay rid of it long-term.  By chipping up these trees instead of letting them sit in a brush pile, you ensure that their seeds will not spread and regrow.

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  • drdan95

    Honeysuckle is the worst! I’ve owned a DR chipper for the past 10 years and each year I battle with honeysuckle and other debris from pruning and cutting trees on my and by other family members properties. Here is photo documentation of the latest pile that my DR chipper was able to turn into great organic mulch that keeps yard green, healthy and under control. Thanks to the great DR chipper that I purchased, each year I am able to take a pile of limbs similar to this and turn it into a much smaller pile that is able to be used around our properties. I love my DR chipper and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!

    Dr. Daniel Behrens
    Hamilton, Ohio

    • DRPowerGrace

      Wow! What a project, Daniel! Thanks so much for sharing, we are so glad (although not surprised!) that your DR is still going strong and getting the job done right. 🙂