Clearing Land to Honor Veterans

The Mount Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been the site of some pretty inspiring brush clearing lately. How can clearing land be inspiring, you might ask? Well, when a group of volunteers works to reclaim a sacred space from weeds and brush, it certainly is inspiring. The Mount Moriah Cemetery is a sprawling 200-acre… Read More

Wild Parsnip: Identification and Control

Wild parsnip (also known as also known as giant hogweed, cartwheel-flower, wild parsnip, wild rhubarb, giant cow parsnip, or giant cow parsley)  is present in almost every state in the US and throughout much of Canada.  This pesky weed is not only very harmful to humans and animals, but also invasive and quick-spreading.  So, how do you identify wild parsnip and, more importantly, how can… Read More

Is Heating with Wood Cheaper than Oil?

For many rural homestead-dwellers, keeping warm in the winter can pose a bit of a problem.  Living away from the hubbub of the city means you are closer to nature, but likely too far away from natural gas pipelines to be able to heat with natural gas.  Thus, the heat fuel options are either having heating… Read More

Wood Chipping on the Garvey Farm

We recently heard from a very happy DR Chipper owner in the far-off land of Black Creek, Wisconsin (far-off from us here in Vermont, that is).  Michael Garvey uses his 16.5 DR Rapid-Feed Chipper to clean up parts of the 40-acre Garvey Farm and turn them into useable farmland. He says, “The Chipper is really… Read More

Fun with DR Machines!

Here at DR, we absolutely love to see that our customers are having fun while using their DR machines!  You have to admit, there’s nothing quite like the thrill you get from mowing down tough weeds and brush with a DR Field and Brush Mower.  Check out some of the fantastic owner videos we’ve come… Read More