11 Lawn Mowers You Wish You Had

1. The little red riding mower.











2. The hot rod.













3. The remote control.














4. The DIY engineer.














5. The one for your LEGO lawn.











6. The festive holiday mower.











7. The single horsepower.












8. The eco-friendly.












9. The speed racer.











 10. The high-cut mower.













11. The all-in-one.



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  • I used my friend’s red riding mower and lawn mowing was just fun! The others mowers in this blog look exciting too. I would really appreciate if you would mention few points about each, stating its benefits and use.

  • Matt

    That Lego lawnmower is SWEET! Based on the wheel design and the colors used, I’m guessing it’s either an Ariens, a Toro, or a Husqvarna.

  • Bryant

    Your website just improved! Thanks for the chuckles. Just remember, a good laugh is an instant vacation. Don’t know about you, but I can use all the vacation time I can get.

    • DRPowerGrace

      One way would be to look at the fruit that each type of tree produces. Oak trees produce acorns, while sweetgum trees will produce spiky little balls sometimes called ‘monkey balls’. Happy splitting, Bryant!

  • Sherry

    These are too funny, what a great concept to add a little humor to your ads, thanks for the smile!